Recommendations that James Thompson has given

I would like to recommend Oliver for his help and knowledge. Oliver, who looks after high net worth individuals, of which I'm not one, has taken the time to come and visit me and work on helping me with my retirement plan and shape my future finances. I find Oliver to be genuinely helpful, interested in suggesting and having the best outcome for me after some honest conversations. He and his team operate quickly and keep me informed.

by Sophie Metcalfe

I would like to recommend Sophie for her knowledge in marketing and social media. I recently attended a course run by her and her team and it gave me a collection of epiphanies about what I was doing and that rarely happens to me. Her level of knowledge and genuine passion for wanting to help other businesses made me realise I needed more help from her in the long run and have contracted the Soapy Group to look after my marketing as I know they'll do it far better than me trying to learn their skills.

Having dealt with Nick and his company now since meeting them, I have to say you get nothing but a warm welcome and great products, fast. In a short period of time I sort of feel like I actually know everyone and as I've had a guided tour and I even know in my head the places and processes my products have been through. It's comforting and I know that Nick's personality runs through the whole business making it the goto place it is for printing and much more...booklets for example. I would never hesitate in recommending Nick to anyone.

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