Recommendations that Nick Turnbull has given

by Nigel Perry

At Inc Dot Design & Print we are used to delivering great service to tight deadlines but even we were impressed by Nigel at MW Commercial Risk Solutions

We have very specific insurance needs including a small fleet of vehicles, we asked Nigel for an urgent quote as cover was due immediately. Nigel made time to find out about our business, he ensured that we were comprehensively covered, he increased the cover that was significant for us, he provided us with a renewal quote that saved us 40% and he did it all in 40 minutes.

Wow and I mean wow!

Nigel and MW Commercial Risk Solutions are great people and you can trust them.

I recently worked with David, raising funds and awareness for 2 cancer charities.
‘Candlelighters’ and ‘The Three Bears’.

David and I were giving our time to support these good causes so I was most impressed again, by the consistency of his professionalism and the quality of his work.

David is a wonderfully talented photographer whose artistry is matched by his generosity of spirit.
Always a pleasure to work with, I recommend David to anyone who wants great photographs from a genuinely good bloke!

by Richard Hawley

Richard provided leadership courses for myself and my FD (who is also my sister).
And we agree that the training provided by Beyond 2030 is not what you expect... it is so very much better!

by Alison Rothwell

We have worked with Alison of Lifeline PA Services on a number of projects over the last 2 months and Alison has proved that not only is she the very model of efficient, imaginative and flawless industry, she is truly a pleasure to work with.

If you are looking for help managing a troublesome project or someone to clear that backlog of stuff that really should have been done by now, then you can do no better than calling Alison.

by James Thompson

I recommend James at 'Mend my iphone' with enthusiasm because...
he does everything it says on the card!
he does it well
he does it quickly
he does it without fuss
he comes to us
he doesn't cost much!

for example...
An apple software update during the Christmas Break stopped my iphone.
James drove to my house that same day and fixed it for a very reasonable fee.

Thanks James

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