Peter Campbell, Life Without Limits (Forever Living Products)

Business owners, executives & directors who are looking for better health, energy, focus & productivity for themselves & their workforce.

What's Happening?

Business Description

Life Without Limits is a husband and wife business partnership. An entrepreneurial business, a little different from the traditional - bordering on the unusual. We help people in an open-minded and modern way, to build better health & wealth and therefore a better future for themselves and their families.

My wife is a former nurse and health service manager, with qualifications in Personal Training, Sports Massage Therapy, Body Control Pilates & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. I am a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, with experience as a leadership coach & workplace mediator. Together we have a passion for helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing in their often busy and stressful lives with a variety of simple, but effective changes they can slip into their everyday schedule. We start by helping people identify what they need and then guide & support them by making the necessary changes.

We can apply our simple principles to not only individuals but also small businesses who wish to add value to their employees & improve health & wellbeing in the workplace and so enhance recruitment, retention, productivity & profitability.

I’m also an advocate of great nutrition as this is the foundation of optimal health, and therefore I am also an ambassador for a Global Brand Leading Health and Nutrition Company, with whom I have been a partner for over 10 years.

My other passion to support achieving great health, is helping people who want to change direction, particularly those who have aspirations for more time freedom and financial peace of mind. Stress is the major factor affecting health in the 21st Century and I can help anyone, from any background, create a life that they are in control of, working in a flexible and rewarding way around their current commitments.

My Recommendations

It is not very often in life, having listened to an individual's networking presentation that you have a lightbulb moment. Having had the privilege of attending a talk from Peter, I made a conscious decision based on his knowledge to change my dietary habits. Within a fortnight I have more energy, zest for life & can now wear clothes I have not fitted into for the last two years. My commitment to my family, is to invite Peter to out house to improve our lives further. Peter, thank you for just 10 minutes of your time that changed my life.

from Nigel Perry

Peter believes in his products and with his background also has credibility. I suffer from IBS and after using his products I have noticed a big difference and symptoms have improved. I recommend Peter to anyone that would like to improve their health and well-being. Thanks Peter

from James Harkness