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It’s Ok... We Speak Mac

Like many companies in 2019 we have a wide range of services available from the individual user level all the way up to a Multinational corporation.
From an individual level we offer the following services.
  • Apple repairs on all devices with Apple Logo on. 
  • Free Nationwide Insured courier service to take the stress out of shipping & receiving your repaired device.
  • Repairs from smashed screens on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches & Macbooks, to replacing & faulty parts across the Apple Device Family such as Batteries, Cameras & Keyboards.
  • We also are one of a very few repair shops within the UK who offer Component level repairs on Motherboards. Apple would replace the whole thing, we however are able to Micro-solder replacement parts on to the Motherboard, making it more cost effective for you & more eco-friendly.
  • We don’t just care about your repair, we care about your precious data. So we have a wide range of Data Recovery solutions that can recover data from almost everything including a Liquid Damaged iPhone.
  • Finally if you are looking for a replacement Apple Device we are also a Apple Refurbished Reseller so you can have Apple Premium Quality without the premium price point.
  • We offer all of this with dedicated customer service, full warranty for peace of mind & a support website to offer additional tips & tricks going forward.
For the Business support we offer all of the above plus the following.
  • Network solutions
  • Software Support Packages
  • Long term maintenance Packages for peace of mind.
  • Priority service to ensure distribution is kept to a minimum

Call us now on 0121 296 9996 or email us - 

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