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Business Description

GrowTraffic is a digital marketing agency based in the North West, as well as in South Yorkshire. We operate from our base in Bacup, Rossendale, with additional offices in Burnley and Rotherham near Sheffield. Whilst we mainly work with Northern businesses as an SEO agency, we work through out the UK, including working with a number of larger clients in London and Manchester.

Full Spectrum Digital Marketing: A Strategic Approach To SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing and UX/CRO

Whilst we offer a full spectrum approach to digital marketing. GrowTraffic's specialism is search marketing and applying a content marketing approach to increasing the online presence of businesses, helping them to grow traffic to their website, resulting in increased sales, leads and brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Retainers That Work For All Businesses

We work with businesses on a sliding scale, being proud to be able to create small digital campaigns through to larger ones. We have clients that spend as little as £50 a month to others that spend in excess of £5,000 a month, although our average client pays around £1,000 a month.

Whether it's a new business or an established brand, we're looking to work with business on a long-term basis who want to outsource their digital marketing and SEO to an agency that has a proven, strategic, traffic growth approach.

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency - Plus Some Digital Marketing Training

GrowTraffic started as a freelance SEO consultancy in 2009 and over the years has developed to become the full service digital marketing agency it is today. But during our time in the industry as individuals and during the journey with the business, it's clear our sector has a bit of a bad reputation. We fought hard to build a business that would be different from this. At GrowTraffic we buck the trends in the industry by focusing on being transparent in what we do, we'll give you honest advice and we'll only bill you for what we've actually done. That's why we like to train our clients to do what we do and the greatest compliment for us is when a client thanks us for the work we've done and informs us they are creating their own inhouse team. They always come back for more!!

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