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Business Description

Starting in 2018, Alex Stephenson Wealth Management is an associate partner practise of St James's Place, based in York, England, and operating across the UK - ranging from the Scottish border down to the south coast.

We specialise in providing holistic personalised face to face advice across a number of financial areas, such as: pensions, investments, inheritance tax, protection and general estate and business planning.

For example, if you or someone you know:

  • has recently move companies, then they would benefit from a conversation about the pension pot that they have left behind and look to ensure that it is invested appropriately and grows in a way that will assist retirement
  • has recently become self-employed, or has been for many years, and has a family who would need supporting should adversity happen - self-employment doesn't automatically come with staff perks like life insurance, sick pay or critical illness cover
  •  talks about retiring early or cutting down on the number of hours they work - do they, or will they have, sufficient funds available to do this?
  • what investments and savings are in place, if any at all, that you can draw on in the future for things like an extension, or a fancy holiday, or perhaps you want to send your child to private school and wished the fees were 'more affordable'.
  • spends all your time growing your business or working long hours to provide for your family but fails to fully understand what, when and how you are going to start your exit strategy.

...a free straight forward and simple meeting will be of benefit.

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Alexander J Stephenson BA (HONS) DipPFS

'Helping my clients financially empower themselves and their families'

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