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Business Description

I'm Rachel Cove from Cove HR Consultancy, helping SME business owners with all of their HR needs. 

With over 15 years experience working in senior level HR roles within both private and public sectors, I offer best practice HR advice and expertise to business owners which will free them up to focus on the core elements of their business.

Whether it be ad-hoc pieces of work, one off projects or providing a retainer service I have the flexibility and capability to meet all different types of needs.

I can help with business owners who may be expanding their business / employing staff for the first time and need to issue Contracts of Employment / Employee Handbooks. Making sure they are compliant with Employment legislation and their duties as an employer.

Or business owners who have an established workforce but are finding they are spending too much time dealing with employment / staffing issues rather than focussing on the core elements of their business.

I can work across a range of different sectors and I am looking to broaden my client base to work with  small to medium business owners within the Midlands area.

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