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Company:FRM Consultancy Ltd
Category:PC & IT Support
Address:104 Sutherland Crescent
Blythe Bridge
ST11 9JU

Telephone:07771 684849
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Business Description

FRM Consultancy is an IT professional service with a difference, we listen to a customer's needs and aim to provide IT solutions with synergy, with the added benefit of knowledge transfer and documentation. Our consultant has 25 years of IT experience, having worked across numerous disciplines within IT, within small, medium and large companies. IT Security is a hot topic for many companies, something we specialise in with audits, risk assessments and solutions. Remember, IT Security is a journey, not a destination and some of the biggest gaps can be closed with straightforward solutions, policies, standards and training.

Our Team

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PC & IT Support
07771 684849
07771 684849