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Business Description

Fifty3 is a marketing agency in Kingston that helps businesses to market and promote themselves more successfully.

We know we can do things better. Being busy though gets in the way and it’s easy to find yourself juggling so many objectives that you actually achieve very few of them. The remedy is to set out to do fewer things better.

We can help you do fewer things better, by focusing your marketing activity on things that get you results – more sales, higher quality jobs – and get you noticed. We can help you explain what your business does in a fresh, compelling manner through creative copy and to crystallise what makes your business unique.

Insanity was once defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; actually that could be a description of how many people run a business. We do things the way we have always done them and guess what… little, if anything, changes.

The question is what do you need to do differently?

Do fewer things better. Speak to Fifty3 today.

Our Team

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