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Business Description

I help my Clients have a good night sleep

I help you get rid of the negative voice, and the internal chatter, that can keep you relaxing and have restless sleep.

Sleep is so important to you, Stress is so bad for you if you take the stress to bed with you.

I am excited to be working with clients and companies that are sick and tired of struggling with life..

I work with clients that want to ;- Quit Smoking

                                                    Lose weight

                                                    Fears and Phobias

                                                    Limited Beliefs and Decision

                                                    Relaxation Techniques

                                                    Goal Setting

                                                    Break Through Coaching

                                                   Bullying  how to deal with both is schools and the work place

                                                   Exam Stress

Whatever is holding you back in Life or business contact me for a FREE 60 minute consultation over Coffee.

What have you got to lose

I can also deliver Training in any of these areas.

I am also running a retreat in Rhodes in October 21 - 28 October Contact me for more information






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