Jason Govindji-Bruce, NORI

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NORI HR Consultant
652 Blackburn Road
Rising Bridge
Micro businesses with 5 or less employees. Deal currently on for retained services @ £32.50 per month for 12 months.

Business Description

HR and Employment Law Consultancy based in Accrington.


'NORI bricks originating from Accrington were famed for their strength, and were used for the foundations of the Empire State Building.’


Here at NORI Consultancy we can provide you with a solid foundation in order for your business to thrive. By offering a suite of HR and Employment Law services either remotely via our telephone advice service, or via our on-site service, our advice is solid, based on best practice and will be practical for your business.


As our services do not provide a one size fits all approach, we offer a number of different solutions to suit your business ranging from guiding you through processes over the telephone with up to date legal advice, to conducting sensitive return to work meetings on your behalf, acting as an independent 3rd party and carrying out disciplinary meetings and holding mediation talks.