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Workplace Relations and Mental Health First Aid, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

At Human Everything we are driven to make the world a better place by minimising conflict and enhancing mental health awareness. We do this through providing support to SMEs and HR Departments with workplace relations, mental health first aid and management training. 

Based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire in the West Midlands our accredited Mediators and Mental Health trainers can help your business employee relations and wellbeing. 

Workplace Mediation

Mediation is a process used to help resolve conflict by using an impartial third party to help look for an agreed solution. What that looks like could range from a mutually accepted way of working together, a pledge to communicate in a particular way, or even an acknowledgement of another viewpoint and an apology. 

Conflict isn't just shouting across the room at each other... it's the feeling that you are being blocked from achieving reasonable goals or you might just not get along with someone your work with. We can also offer a Myers Briggs Type Indicator* (MBTI) assessment as part of our Pure PLUS package including a 1-1 coaching for each mediation attendee to allow for an exploration of personal preferences. This enables the parties to start thinking about how this may affect their relationship with the other party. The MBTI framework can then be applied during the mediation process by providing delegates with a shared language on how they prefer to work and how their differing styles may be impacting the way they work. The usual outcome is a win-win situation in which both parties can move forward with a working relationship. 

Initial referral discussion: FREE
Initial discussion with parties: FREE
Pure Mediation Package:         £750
Pure PLUS Mediation package:    £934

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Mental Health First Aid

As far as we are concerned, good mental health is the cornerstone of a healthy and thriving workplace. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England has approved Colin Noble to deliver Adult MHFA courses. We offer this accredited training for Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace and we also build mental wellness into all of our mediation and training sessions.

MHFA training is conducted online using a dedicated virtual classroom providing a safe space for delegates to learn and participate in activities. 

Course costs are dependent on the number of attendees. MHFA England value the course at £300 per person; Human Everything will work with you to agree a fair cost based on your needs and number of trainees.

For online learning the maximum number of recommended learners is 12. We are happy to train fewer delegates or run multiple training sessions for more delegates as required.

Every year it costs business £1,300 per employee whose mental health needs are unsupported.

- Public Health England -

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Bespoke training

Human Everything also offers bespoke training in the realms of Employee Relations and Wellbeing to address our clients specific pain points. It could be a workshop on the menopause, stress and mental health management, building an effective team or reviewing your personal and company values and putting those into action daily. 



Accreditations & Qualifications

Colin Noble is an accredited Instructor Member, approved by MHFA England to deliver Adult MHFA courses.