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Bridge Cloud Solutions Ltd

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Bridge Cloud Solutions Ltd IT Consultant
Grosvenor House
11, St Paul's Square
B3 1RB
Membership Organisations, Regulated Businesses, people moving premises, Changes in Directors in Companies, people buying companies.

Business Description


Our purpose is to prevent your business from being the next victim of cyber-crime, we do this by providing you with market leading tool kits and hand holding to prevent this.

We do this by making employees smarter by training them to understand the mechanism for spam, phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and social engineering and then applying this knowledge to their day to day job.  

Simply put we help you build a human firewalls as your last line of defence. Whilst doing this we provide general run of the mill IT Services & Help Desk Support.

We do this by providing an affordable trusted reputable service with a friendly approach when its needed for support.

Our Vision is to build a business that is to become a recognised trusted brand within the small business community throughout the UK.

Our USP is how we combine security and IT services as one complete total care service. 

  • We educate staff around cyber security 
  • We increase efficiency in the workplace
  • We Fault find and rectify within computer hardware and applications
  • We Register Domain Names & Maintain Renewals
  • We Provide Webspace for Websites
  • We Provide Backup & Continuity Services
  • We certify companies for Cyber Essentials
  • We provide Install & Configure Computers & Laptops
  • We can Install Wifi and Data cabling for Networks
  • We Can Supply & Install Telephone & Broadband for business
  • If we don’t educate Staff around cyber security, it could cost the business and its reputation 
  • If we don’t increase efficiency in the workplace staff will feel low and miserable and could end up leaving the company. 
  • If we don’t fault find staff will not be able to work
  • If this is not maintained websites will not work and email will also stop working and anything else web based.
  • Without webspace you can’t have a website
  • A backup of your systems is critical to protect your business and your day to day data.
  • Without it you will not survive a disaster

Without cyber essentials you will not look like you take responsibility for your computer data and will not be able to supply certain types of client.

Without the install and supply of computer systems you will be left to complete the work yourself wasting your valuable time and sometimes not buying the right kit for the job.

Without data. cabling and WIFI your computers  & devices  will not work

Broadband & Telephones is the blood to any computer network.

Our prospective client is concerned that the team don’t understand the threats of cyber security to the business. 

if the staff are not educated then the business is left vulnerable to attack

We provide web-based training that is fully managed and reported on.