Sat Singh, Metro Bank

Metro Bank Banking
85-88 High Street
B4 7TE
We are a new full Commercial Bank (eg We can consider bank accounts, standalone Asset Finance/Invoice Finance facilities, Commercial loans

Business Description

Metro Bank is Britain’s first new High Street bank in over 100 years, focused on providing amazing service and convenience to customers. It is a full service, fully authorised bank, offering retail and commercial banking services to customers, direct and through brokers.

The bank is based in London and the South East and plans to have up to 110 stores by 2020.

Metro Bank is a community bank, with each store run by a local bank manager. It strongly believes in its motto of ‘Local Bankers Making Local Loans’, and works closely with SMEs to understand their needs. The bank takes a common sense, business-like approach to all customers, making lending decisions on an individual basis and providing business customers with a personal relationship manager, innovative banking products and amazing technology.

Our model is simple: We lend money, take deposits, provide a full range of banking services and channels, and offer amazing service to our customers.
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In this role I drive the recruitment and retention of both retail and commercial accounts and the deposit, lending and customer relationship opportunities presented as a result. Other responsibilities include risk management, lending provision and transactional support.

-Portfolio management of SME and Commercial businesses.
-Overseeing Commercial and Business lending solutions.
-Transactional and operational risk management.
-Acquisition and retention of commercial and SME businesses

Benefit from a local relationship manager, which in Birmingham is of course, yours truly.

My direct email and mobile number are yours to utilise when you need to discuss your business account, ask advice, network within the local community, or grow and scale up in years to come.

Accreditations & Qualifications

Business and Social Skills

Specialities include:

• Building professional and new to bank networks
• Strong, engaging and visionary leadership
• Powerful and inspirational communicator
• Strategy creation and delivery
• Sales management and revenue growth
• Establishing and maintaining stakeholder engagement
• Developing people, leaders and teams