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Unique Floorcare Ltd.
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Unique Floorcare Ltd. Floor Treatments & Restoration

Business Description

We believe all companies should take pride in the products and services they offer. Employees need to feel valued and proud of the work they do, while customers should receive a reliable and professional service.

Having well maintained and hygienic premises is the first step to take towards setting high standards and projecting a professional and trustworthy business image. We refurbish existing floors '​in situ'​ at a fraction of the cost of replacing them - and without all the hassle and downtime associated.

Our services will restore worn down and tired looking Vinyl, Linoleum (marmoleum) and Rubber floors to their original condition. Re-surfacing floors with a Polyurethane lacquer (PUR) gives the floors NEW & PERMANENT SURFACE which is highly durable, chemical resistant and has excellent cleanability.

Why waste a floor that can be refurbished?

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Bringing Floors Back To Life!

My Recommendations

Our Office needed a new sparkle in it's hard vinyl flooring. Despite the challenges of fitting into our busy work schedule, and the need to continually move furniture for access, Claus from Unique Floorcare, undertook the task professionally and responsibly, managing our expectations well. The finished product is a revived floor which looks as if new, we are very pleased with the work, and would recommend Claus again to all of our Clients and contacts.

from Dhiran Vagdia

Claus came to our works premise to have a look at our flooring and gave us advice and suggestions that were both honest and helpful. His craftsmanship speaks for itself.

from Nicola Sherlock