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Companies (any size) who are looking to drive efficiencies and improve processes through the use of automation and better use of Microsoft technology.

What's Happening?

Business Description

Vantage 365 is a consultancy company dedicated to Microsoft Technology, specifically Microsoft 365. We help companies of all sizes find solutions to business problems using Microsoft technology as well as driving adoption through training events and adoption workshops.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is the complete productivity package offered by Microsoft, starting from Windows 10, flowing through the Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc) all the way to cloud technologies that support them such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. The whole package covers:

  • collaboration tools, helping organisations to work together in a more productive manner, not matter what time of day or where individuals are located
  • security, using the latest in protective technology to help business stay safe in a climate where cyber crime is on the rise. This could be something as simple as providing multi-factor authentication for users, to providing full device management

How does Vantage 365 help?

Vantage 365 helps businesses to navigate their way through the huge number of technologies and options which Microsoft offer. Quite often we find that customers are spending up to £50 per user each month for licenses, and most often the users are only using £7 off the functionality. That's up to £43 per user going to waste each month!

We help businesses to understand how they can use SharePoint and OneDrive for Business to securely store and manage their documentation, making it easily searchable and most of all, consistently backed up to avoid data loss.

We help businesses to save time by automating their processes to drive efficiencies and to help businesses use their time to continue to build the business.

We help businesses to communicate more effectively, using Microsoft Teams to hold conference and video calls both internally and externally.

We help businesses to create lightweight apps designed to be used on their mobile phones without having to pay out huge development costs to have something bespoke built for them.

Finally, we help businesses to use all of this themselves by providing training services to empower everyone to be able to take their businesses forward using the latest and greatest tools from Microsoft.

My Recommendations

Matt provided support for my recent webinar. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional service that Matt provided and the range of options he offered to provide to support the event.
Matt has also been working with me to manage my Office software and transferring my email client to Office.

from Robert Bowker

Accreditations & Qualifications

Matt's Credentials:

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert
  • Microsoft Solutions Adoption Specialist

Vantage 365 Credentials

  • Microsoft Partner