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Jon Whitworth Mediation Civil and Commercial Mediation
Looking for anyone who is in a commercial or civil dispute and wants a quick , creative and cost effective alternative to litigation.

Business Description

I am an independent commercial and civil mediator accredited with the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR); my goal is to ease the pain for anyone engaged in costly ongoing business disputes and conflicts by enabling the parties to come to a quick workable resolution outside of the courts.

Mediation is a quick and cost effective alternative solution to legal action and applicable to pretty much any form of commercial dispute.

Almost 90% of mediations are settled, 74% on the day. This enables both parties to quickly draw a line under their issues and move forward.

This can significantly reducing the expense, stress and time that can be associated with litigation.

The whole process is “Without prejudice” and what was discussed on the mediation day remains confidential including the outcome if that is what is wanted.

The settlement is agreed by the parties, not imposed by an outsider; this gives considerable flexibility to the type of agreements possible.

My experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution is based on my previous 10-years as a kidnap for ransom consultant, which gave me a grounded and pragmatic approach to mediation very much focussed on the “Art of the possible”.

I have worked all around the world, across a diverse spectrum of cultures and in demanding, often hostile environments.  Such experiences have strengthened my ability to identify and focus on the relevant issues, guiding and coaching people to a resolution irrespective of the obstacles faced .

Looking to help anyone with commercial or civil disputes or conflicts; very happy to discuss any situation to see if mediation may be an appropriate solution.

I am based in Deal but commercial mediation lends itself to technology such as zoom.


Accreditations & Qualifications

Civil and Commercial Mediator. Accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

ADR Group Accredited Online Mediator.