David Squires, Barbecue Chefs

Barbecue Chefs Events and Buffet catering
9, South Hill
Open Days for Garage Open Days,Golf Open Days,Private Parties include Weddings,Paella,Hog Roasts,BBQ on Charcoal,Chocolate Fountains
Speaker Coordinator

Business Description

Barbecue Chefs are looking for Weddings, Venues,Private Parties, Anniversaries, Beer Festivals ,and all outside Catering Opportunities  in Surrey, Hampshire & Sussex requiring Catering Services for Open Days and Launch new Cars for their Clients.

We Specialise on Spit Roasted Hog Roasts, Whole Lamb, Chickens and all other types of meat.

We also offer Vegetarian and Vegan Food all cooked on separate BBQ Charcoal Grills.

Also Golf Clubs requiring Barbecues / Hog Roasts which is cooked on charcoal for Captains Days and Private Functions and also Open Days and Car launches for new Cars at Garages , Launch days we Cater at present at BMW & Audi.

We are also looking for contacts for Beer Festivals,Bonfire Evening in Surrey/ Hampshire and Sussex.

We Cater for small functions and large Catering events from 10 people to 6,500 clients and are looking for more opportunities for the future.

Other events we offer are Freshly Made Paellas to Curry Evenings ,Chocolate Fountains and Much More.

My Recommendations

I would like to say that David offers brilliant food and value for money. I would recommend him for catering events every time.

from Jennifer Sy

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City & Guilds 706/1 706/2 706/3

City & Guilds 707/1 707/2

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