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Crystal Payroll Accountancy and Payroll
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We're looking for intro's to SME's for Payroll and HR ideally up to 250 employees. We offer a £100 referral bonus if they become a client.

Business Description

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Not only will we price match any like for like service, we'll give you 3 months free to try us out.  Why not get us to run your payroll alongside your existing service, or start saving money straight away and take advantage of our 3 months free offer. 

If after 3 months you don't feel we're a good fit for you, we'll do all the heavy lifting to move you to another provider.

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Crystal Accountancy & Payroll

Welcome to Crystal Ltd, your trusted partner for comprehensive payroll services. We specialise in delivering tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, streamlining your operations with efficiency, accuracy, compliance and cost-savings.

Our services cover the following key areas:

  • Payroll Processing and Management: We simplify the complex process of payroll management, leveraging advanced software to automate calculations, generate payslips, and ensure timely payments. 
  • Payroll Compliance and Reporting: Our expert team stays up-to-date with payroll legislation, handling accurate payroll processing and filing, with comprehensive reporting.
  • Say goodbye to the stress of payroll, as we ensure your business remains compliant and avoids penalties.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal: Empower your employees with our user-friendly self-service portal, allowing them to access payslips, tax forms, and manage personal information securely. This reduces administrative burden and fosters transparency within your organisation.

Why choose Crystal?

Experience and Expertise: Benefit from our years of experience in payroll and HR management. Our team of professionals delivers tailored solutions aligned with your unique needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our advanced software and cloud-based solutions simplify processes, provide seamless access, and offer robust reporting capabilities.

Data Security and Confidentiality: We prioritise the security of your sensitive information, implementing strict measures to protect your data.

Exceptional Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you, addressing queries and resolving issues promptly.