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Say Hello To Profits By Easing The Cost Of Business

Business costs are a necessary evil, you simply cannot trade without them.  It is often confusing presented with numerous choices from suppliers, which is the best for us. Often management simply choose a supplier because of great marketing or that salesman's pitch. Only to find afterwards that another supplier would have been a better choice, but you are now locked into a long term contract.

At Cost Smart we do the legwork for you, analysing your costs in details and make recommendation as to which supplier fits you the best.

Commercial Utilities

We are a whole of market energy
consultancy for Gas, Electricity and Waterand work with clients to ensure low costs for your gas, electricity and water contracts.

Merchant Services

You business needs to be ready to access credit and debit card payments.  It is no secret that a merchant services statement is difficult to understand with different rates and charges. Often you cannot directly compare one cost structure offered by one company with another.  There are often hidden costs such as PCI non compliance which are easily identified, saving you hundreds.  We analyse your statement and the way that you do business and explain the options open to you.  Often the cheapest rates are not the best option as next day settlement, business funding, Corporate Social Responsibility, or not being tied into a long term contract may be just as important.

Merchant Cash Advance

Raise funds quickly and easily without security and pay it back at an affordable rate via your credit and debit card sales. The higher your sales the higher your repayments.  No hidden fees, and term agreed at the outset.

Commercial Finance

Match your business needs with lenders who can provide the finance you need.  Whether this is in the area of Asset Finance, Working Capital Finance, Property Finance,or Invoice Finance we can help find the best solution for you.

Within a few minutes we can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs, by giving your business a cost health check.  And you have nothing to lose.


My Recommendations

I asked David to supply a valuation of a business, which one of my clients was thinking of buying, and he provided us with a very comprehensive report giving a valuation which was considerably less than the price tag that the vendor had put on the business, potentially saving my client a lot of money! I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending David's services to another BoB member who was contemplating on whether or not to buy another business.

from Sandy Lloyd

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