Laura Short, Utility Warehouse Plc

24 Oak Drive
Looking to connect with Conveyancing Solicitors and Estate Agents who want to add extra value to their service and save their clients more money

Business Description

Utility Warehouse, The Discount Club,  Partner in Lancaster, Lancashire.

Utility Warehouse is a national discount club supplying essential services to the home, all on one simple, monthly bill.

I provide a personal service to members, helping them switch their household services to UW, saving them money every month.

The more services you take with UW the more you save and switching couldn't be easier with my friendly approach. The appointment is quick, easy and straightforward, with no extra hidden costs or unexpected price increases. We don't do special rates for new customers, just lower prices for everyone. 

You can even save money on your shopping too, with our award-winning Cashback Card. Wherever you use the card you are guarenteed to earn cashback between 1-7%.

By becoming a member, partner, or both you are saving money and earning an extra income just by recommending The Club and helping your friends, family, neighbours and the people they know recommend The Club too. It couldn't be easier to grow your business and quickly build and income that gives you life changing choices.

Refer and recommend and you'll have more money to spend!


Accreditations & Qualifications

Completed Member Training

Completed Insurance Training

Completed Business Club Training

Completed Team Leader Training