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Digi Guru Digital Marketing
45 Jepps Avenue
45 Jepps Avenue
I am keen to speak to any business looking to increase their engagement via digital channels. Particular of interest are businesses in food & drink,

Business Description

Introducing DIGI-GURU

Here at Digi-Guru we help small businesses & start up's with their digital marketing requirements, so that they increase their awareness, promote their products & services and help build a platform for growth. 


The SERVICES I can offer your clients: 

We offer a range of digital marketing services that collectively provide a strategic mix of both static and animated content, design & creation. These include:

  • Mobile Responsive Website's
    • pricing starting from £299 (excluding monthly hosting & maintenance) 
  • Social Media Management
    • pricing from £25 per week that includes a content strategy
  • Creative Digital Design
    • Logo design, e-brochures, posters, flyers and so many more (prices vary)
  • Bespoke Video's
    • Creation & upload of a variety of different video content (pricing from £30 per video)
  • Digital Training
    • In-house training on developing digital skills for your business (From £200 per day)

When you get the OPPORTUNITY to introduce me:

  1. Our pricing is affordable and more competitive than an average marketing agency
  2. Everything we create is completely bespoke to your business 
  3. Your business will receive dedicated support 
  4. We are committed to make any digital campaign succeed and within the agreed timescale
  5. We have a wealth of different digital tools to ensure that content never stagnates 


Accreditations & Qualifications

BA (Hon's) Business Management

AAT qualified

Digital Marketing For Business