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Energy Services Business Power Ltd

Energy Services Business Power Ltd Commercial Utilities, Gas, Elec etc
Experienced energy professional working directly with businesses to ensure their energy strategy is both cost and time effective.

Business Description

2022/23 has been one of the most volatile and turbulent times for the energy industry, putting the greatest financial strain and pressure on UK businesses. There is a huge lack of support or clarity from Suppliers and the UK Government, expecting customers to become experienced energy experts overnight and decipher unclear support schemes and technical jargon.

Utilising my 15 years + experience with one of Europe’s largest Industrial & Commercial Energy Suppliers and with the support of Energy Services Business Power LTD, I work directly with customers, from SME's to large consuming Industrials, making energy for businesses simple, manageable, and most importantly cost effective. Providing an end-to-end service removing the entire burden of energy management. Specifically I provide:

Market Intelligence

Fluent in all thing’s energy, I track and follow the market extensively and educate & inform my customers of the ‘needs to knows’.

Energy contract & negotiation

Setting a robust and client specific procurement strategy is key to delivering huge financial savings to energy costs. Historically managing some of the most intricate flexible trading strategies in the market, I am able to advise and manage the best procurement solution dependant on a customers risk appetite. By making some small changes to a customers contract structure, I have in the past, saved them up to 20% of their annual energy spend. 

Query management

Taking on the live energy contract in it's entirety, owning bill validation, query resolution and every supplier liaison requirement in-between.

My goal is to save businesses time and money ensuring stability and manageability through the current energy crisis and beyond.

Please do reach out at for support with all things energy.