Chris Da-Silva-Skinner, U W

U W Gas, Electricity and other services
55 Foxboro Road
I guarantee that I can provide savings compared to your current domestic utility provider(s) and/or offer you an additional income stream!

Business Description

GOOD NEWS! Our company has launched an *UNBELIEVABLE* new offering to help thousands of households across the UK.

BETTER NEWS! *YOU* can be one of the first to benefit, we are now offering new customers the following benefits to reduce their household bills:

Up to £400 towards termination fees from your current supplier when you transfer 3 or more services to us 

£250 cheaper than any other supplier over the next 24 months 

Up to £150 credit applied to your second energy bill 

Between £20-£60 cashback each month simply from doing your normal shopping 

If you would like to be at least £500 better off, message me NOW and I'll help to put some money back in your pocket 



Accreditations & Qualifications

I have been partnering Utility Warehouse since October 1999. Save a bundle with UW