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THD Training
Member of the Rossendale BoB Club

THD Training Food Safety/Health & Safety Consultancy and training
6 Halley St
6 Halley St, Weir
OL13 8QF
Contacts within workplaces, care homes, restaurants, schools.

What's Happening?

Business Description

THD Training is a leading work based skills provider based in Lancashire.  Our unique approach to training enables you to up skill your workforce giving your employees the confidence to carry out their roles effectively and to the best of their ability. Our aim is to help you assess where you may require that development and implement a training programme that helps you to achieve your businesses primary objectives.

We can help you to build a skill set profile of your workforces to identify where you need to focus the right skill sets to attack the key areas to get the best results.

Our subject areas for delivery are extensive and can be applied in all variations of business from care to construction.

If your looking for training for your workforce. Look no further.