Richard Jenkins, Claric Legal Services Ltd

Claric Legal Services Ltd Legal Services
Coventry University Technology Park
Introductions to: i) employees in the legal/contracts departments of Universities; ii) directors of SMEs; iii) directors of pharmaceutical companies.

Business Description

Claric provides legal support to businesses specialising in commercial law, company law and corporate governance. More importantly, we provide the service you want as opposed to the services that are often on sale. That is, we get involved in supporting your commercial transaction as little or as much as you want. The fees then tend to be more reflective of the value of the transaction.

Claric's proprietor, Richard Jenkins, has 30 years’ experience of providing legal support, working initially in-house in a variety of business sectors and then latterly working through Claric

More specifically, his expertise lies in areas such as negotiating, reviewing and drafting commercial contracts which can range from the very simple such as a Confidentiality Agreement to more complex documents like a Joint Venture/Shareholders Agreement, business/company sales/purchases etc.

Accreditations & Qualifications

His formal qualifications include a law degree and he is a qualified Chartered Governance Professional. These provide him with a unique skill-set and he is able to take a practical approach without getting bogged down in the legal minutiae.