Adam Tallack, Deponti

Deponti Garden and Outdoor Living
Looking for trades type business owners who want to explore new market. We need good fitters. Also entrepreneurs who see opportunity for excellent

Business Description

My name is Adam Tallack, my friends call me Geordie.  I'm from Gateshead but I've lived in the West Midlands for 17 years.

My background is in digital advertising & mobile telecoms and for the last couple fo years I have been creating a market for Deponti in the UK.  I find smart, ambitious, motivated sales partners who see the value in promoting Deponti's products in the UK

Essentially, I'm a professional problem solver and I specialise in generating return on investment for my customers/partners.

Deponti are market leaders in aluminium verandas, pergolas and sliding glass doors.  Our partners are making 50% margin selling and installing our products.