Martin Connor, Backcare Chairs

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Backcare Chairs
Member of the Stourport BoB Club

Backcare Chairs Healthy Body Expert
18 South Bar
OX16 9AF
Introductions to individuals who have back pain, or introductions to office managers/facilities managers/HR managers of businesses with 10-100 staff

Business Description


www.backcarechairs is dedicated to ensuring that the population of the West Midlands and beyond are sitting comfortably at work by offering back care chars and ergonomic accessories.  

Back Care Chairs are specialists in office seating, offering a range of ergonomic chairs to ensure that those suffering discomfort whilst sitting at a desk can sit more comfortably. We ensure that the chair we recommend is specific to each client, and is designed with their comfort paramount. Our range of chairs is surprisingly affordable, and, of course comes in a comprehensive range of colours. 

The range of accessories include monitor arms, sit stand desks, writing slopes, specialist keyboards and specialist mice. 

We will perform a personal ergonomic assessment which will both identify the need and highlight any ways the user can adapt their current workspace to reduce discomfort. We can also perform a DSE assessment or home office assessment, both free of charge to BoB club members (subject to number of employees and location)