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Business Description

Jacquie Tarry - Utility Consultant

Your Business & Residential Utilities Expert

Your best deal…now and always

I give FREE advice to UK businesses, helping them to save money and increase profits across essential services such as energy, water, telecoms and card payment processing 

I get my clients the best deal on all of their utilities and ensure that this always remains the case for them

In so doing, I can save them huge amounts of management time so they can focus on their major priority of growing their business and increasing profits

I also offer the same free service to residential customers too, savings families money every year


Business Services

Most businesses don't give much thought to their utility suppliers until there's a problem.  If the current energy crisis has caused uncertainty in your business you might find it reassuring to talk to me.

I provide a free audit to any business, regardless of whether you sign up to anything.  That one free, no-obligation conversation alone has saved many of my customers lots of money, so just having a chat is well worth it. 

Keep it Real

  • My industry knowledge and wealth of experience allow me to do what I say I will and stay true to my word

Keep it Simple

  • All your utilities managed in one place, with one point of contact, on one phone number, by someone who can explain things in words real people use.

Keep it Friendly

  • I work face-to-face in local business communities, building relationships, being accountable and giving customers the attention they deserve.


Residential Services

Another completely FREE review service for residential customers who'd like guidance, support and account management in the increasingly complex world of home utilities.  I'm passionate about helping people to save money wherever they can and over the years have been able to help thousands of people do exactly that.


No annoying cold calls and no high-pressure sales

Just a friendly local face, that customers actually get to meet!