Joe Rouse, Inspire Repayments

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Looking for business referrals who take card payments face2face or online, I pay £100 for every successful referral.

Business Description

I am the good guy of the card payments industry working for a company heavily backed by TCV, the same investors as Netflix, Spotify, AirBnb and many more. I provide card payment solutions for all types of businesses whether they’re transacting online, remotely or in a retail environment. It’s simple, I save companies money and can guarantee cleared & accessible funds the same day including weekends. We pride ourselves on being fast-paced and customer-obsessed with our Trustpilot score being 4.3 Excellent, we’re a company you can rely on to help your business grow taking card payments. We’re on a mission to make our customers lives easier.
Small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of our economy. They makeup 99.9% of the private sector and employ over 16 million people. But it’s not straightforward for them: Increasing legislation, new VAT reporting, greater competition, constant technological change and a more demanding consumer, challenge them on a daily basis. And then, when it comes to adding a payment solution, they have to deal with an industry, my industry, an industry that is broken. Poor customer experience; complex and opaque pricing and contracts; underserved by big slow-moving banks, and dozens of under-invested and unprofessionally run ISO’s. Until now.

Accreditations & Qualifications

We've invested in:


  • Low cost, hi-tech, payment card terminals with super fast connection

  • Faster payments; your customers payments will be in your bank account on the next working day