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Peartree Design & Print
Graphic Designer
Oak Street
07968 898211
Member of the Wolverhampton BoB Club

Business Description

My name is Simon Pearson and I am the owner of Peartree Design & Print which is now over 10 years old. With a range of clients from small first time businesses to large companies with over 80 years experience, we have designed and provided print to them all and they have very kindly repeated their orders and tested us at the same time with new and exciting marketing ideas which we have carried out to a high specification. We pride ourselves on a one stop service so that nothing gets lost in translation from the initial idea through to the sign off of the design, to then offering print at trade prices from a number of printers in the West Midlands and beyond to be able to deliver to a time line which suits our client.

We offer

•  Corporate identity design

•  General stationery / digital design

•  Graphics / Signage

•  Brochures etc

•  Adverts

•  Banners / Roller Banners

•  Marketing items

I have been working very closely with a local leisure company over the last 6 years who have introduced me to such companies as Speedo, TYR, Maru and POOL where we have worked in conjunction with their branding team to provide graphics, photography and designed catalogues for mass markets. Through the leisure company we have worked closely with Serco who manage leisure facilities up and down the country, Bourne Leisure who run Haven and Butlins, GLL, Livingwell and also Park Dean Resorts. We are helping develop their own children's cartoon characters for swim wear, armbands, beach balls and swim rings which we are also doing for other leisure facilities in the UK which includes designed packaging and the manufacture of many items in Asia.

Accreditations & Qualifications

I have 17 years experience in 4 different companies of the printing trade starting from  the finishing side to then training as a printer. Then working the dark room camera and developing positive and negative films for lithographic printing before sliding to the artwork side with image setters and plate developers before moving onto graphic design and being head hunted to be head designer for a company who provided Speedway magazines for SKY Sports which included Wolverhampton Wolves, Poole Pirates and the Coventry Bees.

I have worked on all aspects but have done everything from printing it, to selling it, to designing it and providing it on time. But graphic design is a lot cleaner and more flexible so I am very happy and blessed to do what I love everyday.