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I'm looking for SMBs that need help with their IT infrastucture. Anyone having problems with licensing, email, viruses, etc

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Jim gave me an excellent 2 year deal on anti-virus software, where I spent slightly less on a 2 year deal than I would have in renewing a 1 year deal! Jim also kindly 'tidied up' my PC, freed up space and gave me straightforward, no-nonsense guidance as to how to best manage my IT arrangements in the future. This was time well spent and I can recommend using Jim without reservation.

from Mike Cruse

Don't sweat your IT stuff - ask Mike! He is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! He explains everything in as much or as little detail as you need and is an expert in all things Office 365. If you have an IT issue - who you gonna call? PC Matters - Mike will see you right!

from Sarah Marsh-Collings