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Karen Baughan NLP Transformational Coach
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I am looking for dentists who have nervous stressful patients and who start hitting them when they have to have dental work done.

What's Happening?

Business Description

Are you finding these time challenging?

I agree these times are very Challenging times for all of us.

I am specifically helping individuals,couples and business dealing with the stress and anxiety in these uncertain times. I am also helping people cope with the fear of loss during these troubled times, and helping them improve their confidence dealing with the unknown..

How would you like to emerge from these challenging times as an empowered and confidence and have the focus and energy that can be yours for the taking.

If you have been stress eating I can help you quit those bad habits and help you focus on weight loss I help you get focussed and give you the motivation and belief to achieve you goals.With my empowered Coaching.

I would using  my coaching tool bag and hypnosis.

After a session with me you will feel a changed person.


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My Recommendations

Karen is an exceptional character and people can benefit from her enthusiastic mindset and interest in helping others. On top of that she is an expert NLP trainer and will spend the time understanding what is holding you back.
I highly recommend Karen.

from Richard Frazer

Accreditations & Qualifications

NLP Practitioner Certificate 

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate

Time Line Therapy Certificate 

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate

Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner Certificate

Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner Certificate

NLP Trainer Trainer