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Jane Fisher Associates
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Jane Fisher Associates Management Consultancy
Innovation Centre, Innovation Way
YO10 5DG
Intros to Directors & Managers of cos esp. in Yorks/Humber experiencing challenges/frustrations in the business & need a hand making +ve changes

Business Description

Change is exciting!
Change brings new opportunities. It’s inspiring, motivating and - ok, it can be a bit scary sometimes too. At JFA we help businesses make the changes they need to succeed. 


We work closely with our clients to put the processes in place and give people the skills and confidence, to make positive change happen. And because we’re actively involved, working within the business - not at arm’s length, we are able to create transformational changes and quality improvements through small yet powerful steps that are both achievable and sustainable. How?  by involving all teams in the process - from senior leaders to front line staff.



Simple. It’s great for business and services, your people and your clients. Everyone wins. For example:

Be more productive: Our team makes sure your resources are being used in the most effective ways, reducing operating costs and making even the most ambitious targets achievable.

Improve the experience for everyone: With happier, less stressed, motivated and empowered staff, the sky’s the limit. We’ll release capacity and develop the skills of your people to improve their working environment, help retain key talent, and offer a better client experience. 



A unique blend of skills and support. 

We blend consultation, facilitation, mentoring and staff development to deliver bespoke packages of support. 

A self-sustaining ‘problem-solving’ methodology.
We work with you, developing organisational resilience, to improve internal practices... so you can survive the future once we have left the building. 

We roll our sleeves up. 

We’re always hands-on. We genuinely love working collaboratively with our clients’ staff - from the front line to senior leaders. 

We believe in continual development. 

With our educational ethos, we empower others to contribute, take the lead, develop new skills and gain confidence. 

Example Services: 
baseline assessments / health checks; planning and delivering transformational change and improvement projects; measuring the impact of initiatives; implementing operational and lean management systems; coaching/mentoring colleagues; developing in-house skills / competency frameworks and leadership & management programmes.