Philip Rogers, PDR IT Solutions Limited

Business Description

I work with small businesses to help them increase their productivity and reduce their operational expenses via Managed IT Services. Book a discovery call to Start Your IT Journey.

My Top 3 Top Tips

  1. If you are a UK registered charity or not for profit, did you know you benefit from no monthly licencing costs for up to 10 Microsoft 365 licences? Further licencing costs are heavily discounted.
    • Speak to us about getting your free licences, giving your charity more money to address the issues it needs to.
  2. Regularly test your backups, if you already have an IT company do not be afraid to ask them to prove your data is being backed up. It is better to find out something isn’t being backed up before any form of data loss or incident.
  3. Managed IT Services increase your productivity and reduce your operational costs, plus much more. Companies who have an IT provider on average reduce their costs by 60% on average making it a worthwhile investment.