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The Hinge centre
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The Hinge centre Charity
Field Road
YO16 4AU

Business Description

The Hinge Centre is a local charity based in Bridlington and we are committed to offering support and services to the community. We operate an open door policy at the centre and work in a professional yet non-judgemental manner.

Our aim is to provide support, guidance, services and opportunities to those facing social and financial deprivation. The Hinge Centre is committed to ensuring support is available to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Some of the services and sessions we facilitate from the centre include: Resettlement support for those who are homeless or facing homelessness, Benefit and Welfare support, Independent Living skills for young people and adults with learning difficulties, Craft for health groups, daily after school clubs and personal development one to one and group sessions (on topics such as budgeting, anger management, confidence building and healthy relationships).

Bridlington has many areas that experience high levels of deprivation, with residents facing issues such as unemployment, substance misuse, homelessness, social exclusion, barriers to services and poor mental health.

Ultimately the difference we want to make is to ensure that whilst living in a deprived area, the residents and service users still have the same entitlement and support to access services, benefits and solutions that any other member of society does. We aim to empower those accessing the centre, providing them with the tools and resources, alongside any needed support, to break any repetitive cycles, improve their emotional and physical wellbeing and increase community participation.