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To help eliminate your pest problems. Whether they are domestic, agricultural or industrial. Looking for introductions in all these areas.

Business Description

PestBusters East Kent is a local, family run company with decades of experience and a natural, organic and sustainable approach to pest control.

PestBusters East Kent

The PestBusters East Kent team comprises those on both two and four legs, and now with a bird of prey too. Our team of dogs and ferrets are a part of our family and live with us in Ramsgate, East Kent. When they aren't hard at work, the team likes to play on the beach or go for a nice stroll in the woods.

Most of our work is done in Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Canterbury and the surrounding Kent countryside.

About Carl

Carl Morris is an expert pest controller, who with his team of dogs, ferrets and bird of prey, provides effective pest control in East Kent and beyond

Carl Morris is an expert pest controller, who with his team of dogs, ferrets and bird of prey, provides effective pest control in East Kent and beyond.

After retiring from my manufacturing business I applied the experience I had acquired to turning my lifelong hobby of keeping animals into a viable enterprise. Along the way I've also developed an interest in managing beehives, a fascinating and rewarding pastime. Over recent years I have established a solid reputation for reliable and effective pest control in the home, commercial premises, farms and now a wildlife park.

I have been a member of the Canterbury BoB group since 2019, and a member of the Thanet group for three years before then, and am trusted by many local businesses and households to manage their pest infestations.

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My Recommendations

Carl was excellent in resolving our rat problem. First identifying where the pests were, taking care of them and advising us what we should do in order to prevent any further rat access. A real expert on pest control and resolution.

from Tony Line

A while ago we had a bad problem at home with rats. Carl visited to assess the situation. Through his in-depth experience, he identified where the rodents were entering the property and put procedures in place to resolve the immediate problem and prevent it in the future.
I am pleased to say we have been rat-free for some time.
Thank you, Carl.

from Tony Line

I use Carl for all my pest control he is so knowledgeable and sorts the problems out quickly. He as dealt with bedbugs, rats, mice and wasp nets for me. Would recommend him for any pest control needs.

from Sally Hatcher from Sally Hatcher Estates Limited

Carl helped recently when I had a problem with rats coming into the garden. He gave clear advice and made several visits to lay traps and also to block access routes into the garden.

from Diana Carter from Home

Accreditations & Qualifications

Carl Morris Member of the British Pest Control Association (BCPA)

  • Member of the British Pest Control Association (BCPA)