Joanna Gargiulo, LS Marketing Services Ltd

LS Marketing Services Ltd Marketing Consultant
8 Lakeside Avenue
ME13 7FE
I'd like to speak with any business that wants more customers, that wants to increase their profits or is launching something new.

Business Description

LS Marketing Services Ltd is an all channel marketing agency. Our aim is simple - we want our clients to have all the customers and leads they could possibly need. Many businesses focus too heavily on what's new and miss the key fundamentals. We have over 20 years experience working across direct mail, email marketing, Google, social media and LinkedIn. We also support clients with pricing strategy and relationship building - with their customers, staff and suppliers. We build marketing strategies, implement campaigns and support with response analysis and scaling up. Marketing drives business success. We're all great at something - for us it's marketing and for you it's running your business. We'd love to chat through your plans and see where we could be adding value.