Kate Laffargue, Kate Laffargue

Looking for that special present? Commission me to paint your pet/s in watercolour or oils and make your treasured memories last...

Business Description

A painting is worth a thousand words...

I became a member of BOB Canterbury in July 2022 and have been setting up my painting business "Kate Laffargue" ever since. To date, almost all of my watercolours are paintings of the natural world.

Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

My clients appreciate: my ability to capture a true likeness of my subject; my use of colour; my attention to detail and my ability to move my viewer...

"Kate paints amazing pictures! I cannot recommend her highly enough."

John Lawton

"You have totally captured her essence, her character and personality...I couldn't be happier, Kate. Thank you so much for doing this...
...I had never considered before just how much more a painting brings to life the subject than a photograph does. Kate managed to capture our beloved Ruby's loving nature and brought a depth to this picture I had not imagined"


"I love it and I cannot stop looking at it. Thank you Kate"


"Thank you so much. You have captured Gemma so beautifully. I still miss her terribly and love that she will still be a visible part of the family"


Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

Further examples of my work

This link will show further examples which I hope to give you a snapshot of the quality of my work: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8GoDcfZuRPWhdyLy8

I am always keen to challenge myself and paint something new so, if you would like to commission me, please just ask me via text: (07891) 656743, email (kate.laffargue@hotmail.co.uk) or via the BOB website...

All I need is a few decent photos of my subject in good light. I am able to advise which images will work best...

If you prefer, I am happy to travel to you and take the photos of the subject myself at an affordable cost...

"I am the proud owner of four of Kate's paintings: two tree frogs, a puffin and some snowdrops. She is a consummate painter and I would highly recommend her both for commissions and anything from her catalogue. Her style is simultaneously clear and delicate and her use of colour meticulous. She is an artist who truly knows how to captute the beauty of the natural world."

Clare Wignall

Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

Since March 2020, I have painted a wide variety of subjects:

  • Men, women, children, babies.
  • Horses, dogs (Cavalier King Charles, Working Cocker, Grey lab, Greyhound....).
  • Pig, fox...
  • Puffins, seaturtles, Dolphin, Fish, Swans...
  • Kingfisher, blue tit, robin...
  • Bee, snail...
  • Orangutans, lion cub, elephants, cheetah, hippo, treefrogs...
  • Flowers (daffodils, camellias, magnolia, snowdrops, pansies, peonies, geraniums, sweetpeas, foxgloves, roses, hydrangea...).
  • Landscapes (Viking bay, Botany bay, St Stephen's, Bruxelles scene...).

My Recommendations

Kate painted 2 wonderful, lifelike pictures of our dogs for a gift. I am very pleased with how they turned out. Kate has a real talent for capuring facial expressions and an eye for detail.

from Andy Chance

Kate paints amazing pictures! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

from John Lawton

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