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Newlife Wills Will Writing and Estate planning
Newlife Wills Ltd
Caroline House
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Anyone that needs a Will / Lasting Power of Attorney to protect themselves and their loved ones, or wants to review their current Will.

Business Description

Though none of us like to dwell on such things, death, old age and infirmity come in some form or another to us all in the end.

Although the subjects are not the most pleasant to address, the consequences of failing to address them can equally be unpleasant.

Newlife Wills was established with the mission of helping you prepare for the inevitable, helping you guarantee the well-being of those you love and spare them any conflicts or difficulties in what can be a very difficult time.​ We can help you to plan your Estate, to ensure that it truly reflects your wishes for the care of your loved ones after your passing.​ Should you need to be taken into care, we can advise on the options available to you to help with protecting your assets and thus denying your family their inheritance.

If you are rendered incapable of making decisions for yourself through accident, illness or infirmity, we can help you grant someone you trust Power of Attorney on your behalf.​ We can help you to weave your way through the legal maze of the Probate process to ensure that your beneficiaries get the maximum they can from your estate.​​

Our Will Writing & Estate Planning services cover all of Thanet, including Margate, RamsgateBroadstairs and further afield including Sandwich, Canterbury, Maidstone, Ashford, London and the South East.

Newlife Wills - helping you live for today by planning for tomorrow.

My Recommendations

Rob and his team at Newlife Wills provided excellent service to my partner and me to put our wills in place. We were clueless about the process, and the team guided us to ensure we felt confident in our decisions. I know that I can go to Rob for any advice and he will share his expert and honest opinion.

from Suzanne Walter