Dan Drake, Communications and Telecoms

Communications and Telecoms Business Telecommunications, Mobiles & Connectivity
New Business start ups. Franchise owners or Franchisee's. Serviced office landlords.

Business Description

Helping Businesses with their Telephony, Broadband and Mobile needs.

Prior to my life in IT and Comms, I worked for over 10 years in the pub industry. This has given me the ability to talk to all walks of life, but more importantly, to LISTEN. I was always told by my first boss that, ‘You get one of these (pointing at his mouth), and two of these (pointing at his ears), and you should use them in that ratio.’ Which has always stuck with me.

I thrive on listening to peoples plans, ambitions, and problems, and then communicatively present solutions for their business Comms needs (telephony, broadband and mobiles).

I also pride myself on the ability to take away the jargon and acronyms that are so often used in this industry, and explain solutions in a more understanding way, for all involved.

Described as friendly, and approachable, and often seen as an extension of the businesses I help. I have an invested interest to see these businesses succeed, and always available to be contacted with any questions or advice.

Always taking a systematic approach to solution finding, by learning about the business values, how they function, and the day-to-day running, instead of the usual cookie cutter approach. This leads to finding a true future proofed solution and building a real business relationship by being a valued, trusted advisor.