Sandra Forbes, Utility Warehouse

Business Description

I can help you understand household utility bills, review them, and offer cashback wherever you shop. Showing people how to build a residual income for themselves is my greatest passion.

I am passionate about people and love to put a smile on their faces. After living overseas for 18 years, I returned to the UK to begin a new life.

Daunting as it was, I have enjoyed the experience.

While trying to re-establish my career, it quickly became apparent that things had moved on in my industry.

Fast forward to today. I am a happy Partner with UW Home Services, helping people to save and make money, while I am learning a new industry that is constantly changing.

My role is to explain home phone, broadband, energy, and mobile services.

I am now building a team who earn an extra income of their own.

Get in touch for a chat and find out why I am so happy living my dream.