Recommendations that Chris Le-Core has given

I can highly recommend Karen on her 2 day linkedin course it was excellent, well done!

by Chris Garford

I can highly recommend Matt from Graham John his experience is invaluable
fantastic company.

by A B

I attended the After Hours Club in Ashford where QJ was giving a presentation on his '3 Essential Secrets that turn an average business presentation, into an Insanely Great one!'. It was a great event to go to and he let us know the 3 biggest mistakes that were made on a presentation! (Which was super helpful to know!) What really made an impression on me was QJ saying to always have your 'shop window' full! I'm going to make sure to keep that in mind for all of my future presentations! If you want to know what I'm talking about you'll just have to attend one of his presentations yourself!

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