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Morrison Sustainable Energy Renewable Energy Consultancy
14 Windsor Gardens
ME12 4NS
I am looking for businesses and homeowners who want to save money on their bills by installing a hot water system that uses free renewable energy

Business Description

Morrison Sustainable Energy


The Morrison Solar-assisted Hot Water System is used in a broad variety of environments, from houses to cafes to dairy farms – it’s even appeared on an episode of Channel 4’s Grand DesignsMorrison Sustainable Energy offers a 10-year warranty on all its sustainable energy products and has just become a Which? Trusted trader.

If, however, you want to make the leap to a 100% carbon-free home or premises, you’ll need to embrace more of Morrison’s Sustainable Energy solutions, which work together to banish carbon.


My Recommendations

James is a great asset to BoB - very supportive to the members, the events and does a great job at promoting the group. Thanks James.

from Mike Roberts

Whilst our boiler had been regularly serviced, the entire radiator and pipework system had not been cleaned out for many years (if ever). Consequently, there was a build-up of silt in the radiators which was significantly reducing their efficiency as demonstrated by the IR camera photos.
James visited our property to complete a power flush. The process was very thorough and took several hours to complete. By the end the entire system had been purged of silt and the water was even clean enough to drink (before the inhibitor was added that is!).
James also replaced the radiator valves as the existing ones had seized over the years and this limited our ability to control individual radiators. Being an old house with some quirky plumbing this process took a little time, but James stuck at it and completed the job in a very thorough and professional manner, maintaining a cheerful disposition despite encountering some ‘old house’ challenges!
At the time of writing it is the hottest day of the year so we have had little chance to test the system to its full capacity yet, but I am confident that by the Autumn we will be feeling the benefits of the power flush and new valves both in additional heat and in our pockets.

from Julian Ford from InXpress

I would like to thank James for promptly dealing with a fault on my heating management system

The fault wasn’t initially clear but with an Electrician systematically checked the various components, finding the room thermostat to be the culprit

I understand you worked on the installation of the system of which a “magic box” and voltage optimiser were part, some five years ago.

Your knowledge of the system certainly helped identify the fault. Again many thanks

Michael Taylor

from Michael from Michael Taylor

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