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I am looking for businesses and homeowners who want to save money on their bills by installing a hot water system that uses free renewable energy and

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Renewable Energy Products for Domestic & Commercial use.

A local Kentish supplier of renewable products designed to save money on your energy bills for your home and premises based in Margate, Kent. We install and maintain a range of quality products, our team of engineers and fitters can install these products quickly on schedule and to budgets quoted. Our mission is to provide a quality product that saves you money. Please contact us for more information and a no obligation visit to your home or premises were we can advise on the most suitable products, positioning and cost.

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…are all expressions used (in the heating trade over many years) to denote the process by which heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system.

The process can be made even more effective with the addition of powerful cleansing and mobilising agents.

The objective is to restore systems with circulation and boiler noise problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) to optimum operation. Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause.

Power flushing, in conjunction with a SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN, is also an excellent way to pre-commission clean new heating systems, to remove excess flux, swarf and other debris, and the grease and oil used to prevent rusting of components before use.

It is prudent to power flush a heating system immediately before fitting a new boiler to an existing system to prevent possible future problems. Many systems are found to contain corrosion and sludge, even if no flow problems have yet shown themselves.

Existing debris is often mobilised by alterations to the system/piping and the increased efficiency of the new boiler, and may then accumulate in the boiler heat exchanger, causing noisy operation, reduced efficiency and, in extreme circumstances, failure of the boiler. The high efficiency and compactness of modern boilers, developed to minimise fuel costs and pollution, means that they are more susceptible to problems caused by debris in the system water.

A thermal camera shows the dark spots of dirt and junk in the radiator not producing heat and making your system work harder than necessary.


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Morrison Renewables
I am pleased to give this testimonial for Morrison Renewables.
James Morrison visited my property last September to inspect my radiators.
It was fascinating and frightening to see the infra-red images that clearly showed the heat distribution within each radiator. They revealed a bridge shaped area of hot water over a grey area of cold sediment that was clogging up the system.
Naturally I got James to come back the next day and power flush my heating system.
The process was thorough and time consuming - fully cleaning the radiators, the pipes and the tank until the water passing through the system was clean enough to drink - but the end result was infra-red pictures showing that the radiators were clear of silt and other contaminants.
Whilst the cost of a full day of James’ time was high I can now report, six months on, that each monthly gas bill since James carried out his work has been between 10 and 15 percent lower than last year.
I consider this money well spent in terms of the long-term cost savings, increased heating efficiency and protection to the boiler system.
Therefore, I am happy to recommend James Morrison of Morrison Renewables.

from Paul Jempson

James is a bundle of enthusiasm and passion for what he does so well on a day to day basis. He's very reliable and punctual and always arrives with a big smile on his face

from Ian Morgan

Whilst our boiler had been regularly serviced, the entire radiator and pipework system had not been cleaned out for many years (if ever). Consequently, there was a build-up of silt in the radiators which was significantly reducing their efficiency as demonstrated by the IR camera photos.
James visited our property to complete a power flush. The process was very thorough and took several hours to complete. By the end the entire system had been purged of silt and the water was even clean enough to drink (before the inhibitor was added that is!).
James also replaced the radiator valves as the existing ones had seized over the years and this limited our ability to control individual radiators. Being an old house with some quirky plumbing this process took a little time, but James stuck at it and completed the job in a very thorough and professional manner, maintaining a cheerful disposition despite encountering some ‘old house’ challenges!
At the time of writing it is the hottest day of the year so we have had little chance to test the system to its full capacity yet, but I am confident that by the Autumn we will be feeling the benefits of the power flush and new valves both in additional heat and in our pockets.

from Julian Ford from InXpress

iI would like to thank James for promptly dealing with a fault on my heating management system

The fault wasn’t initially clear but with an Electrician systematically checked the various components, finding the room thermostat to be the culprit

I understand you worked on the installation of the system of which a “magic box” and voltage optimiser were part, some five years ago.

Your knowledge of the system certainly helped identify the fault. Again many thanks

from Michael from Michael Taylor