Recommendations that James Morrison has given

Good job on bob video’s

Jon has done a few jobs for me I would highly recommend is company

by Garry Sprigmore

Hi it is with the greatest of delight to highly recommend Gary work he came to our house to look at a tap and flusher on toilet he did a great job changing the product well done sorting the kitchen and bathroom installers hidden mistakes

well he done again did more printing for me and failed me miserably by doing another fantastic job well done

by Mike Roberts

Mike did a very good 1hour course on linkinden is knowledge is 2ndto none thanks from James

Paul has help me many a time is knowledge is second to none well worth using thanks

Sean has helped me on various times and his advice is very good and has helped a lot thanks Jamesmorrison

by Mike Roberts

Mike is very knowledgable at what he does and his recommendations have made a big difference thanks

by David Mayhew

Hi I would like to say that having done paramedic course for the merchant navy and several first aid courses I found David very good at making his course very interesting as well whilst making sure the information went in there has been many changes since I last did one and it is my believe that everybody should do first aid some country,s are compulsory good on them and very well done David

hi Ian did a lot of work for me on my profile exc he did a very good job as computiers are not my expertise they never do what I tell them

by Paula Fryer

hi had work done by Paula was great with no hassels I would highly recommend her services

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