Matthew Collins, Matthew Collins Financial Planning Limited

15 Beechmore Drive
I want to help people enjoy their retirement, pass on their estate to their loved ones and reduce their tax liabilities

Business Description

I primarily provide Financial Planning advice for individuals and families in the following areas:

  • Retirement/Pension Planning
  • Inheritance Tax/Estate Planning
  • General Investment advice

All with a view to growing clients money as tax efficiently as possible and saving tax too. 

My Recommendations

Having worked with Matthew, even though it was in a non financial environment I can highly recommend him. Matthew has a very high level of integrity, to him it is about the client and their benefit not just his own pocket. If I ever win anything on the lottery, Matthew will be my first port of call.

from Susie-K Brooks

Accreditations & Qualifications

DipFA, CeFA, CeMap