Recommendations that Richard Wilde has given

Martin has gone above the call of duty and really helped me to reduce my monthly utility costs. Martin looked at my current bill and recommended that I change my services.

I was hesitant in moving over my fibre broadband connection from my current provider as I use it for business. However I took the plunge and moved, boy I wished I had done it sooner. My download and more importantly upload speed was vastly increased. It has never gone down once and is pretty much running at max speeds constantly.

As a result my monthly outgoings were reduced by over £50 a month and I have more services!

Also Martin recommended the boiler insurance and I am saving even more!

I have been a Utility Warehouse customer for since 2010 and Martin was not my original Utility Warehouse representative BUT still took time to help me with no direct benefit to himself.

I would not hesitate to recommend Martin to any of my friends, family or business clients.

Thank you Martin for everything you have done. You would be foolish not to move over to Utility Warehouse.

by Geoff Cox

this is from Richard at Stourbridge

by Mark Tomlinson

Mark not only is a great person but also is extremely knowledgeable regarding Private Health cover. Mark laid out all the options so myself and my wife could understand what it was we were actually getting. He always answered my questions and made it simple for me to understand. Mark is extremely professional and I would recommend him to friends, family and other business owners.

by Emma Priest

I would just like to thank Emma for all the work you did for me. Your hard work and friendliness has been greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend you and Harrison Clark LLP to my clients, friends and family. You are a credit to your company and have helped me beyond measure. Once again thank you for your advice and professionalism.

by Geoff Roberts

Geoff Rob is fantastic and is great! What a man

Geoff R did you get this??

by Derek Joseph

Gerald has managed my personnel and business financial affairs. He is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and I fully trust him to help me make the right decisions. I can honestly totally recommend Gerald 100 percent.

by Mark Lees

Mark created a Will for my wife and myself. He made it easy for us to understand and explained in depth all scenarios. If you need a Will please speak to Mark.

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