Recommendations that Cemanthe McKenzie has given

I had an issue with my website and hosting and Paul was super helpful in helping me understand the problem and where the confusion was, then he fixed it and also hosted one of my domains for me. Really appreciate his speedy response and help! If you need a website or support with the one you have, speak to Paul.

This week I had an issue with my laptop being too full and I couldn't figure out where or why, David was an absolute star and found where the issue was, explained it in laymans terms and then fixed it. He's my hero (again!) If you need someone to help you with your IT, don't go anywhere else.

Ian really is the man! He was kind enough to consider my needs and suggest the best printer for me based on amount of printing, despite the fact that it wasn't one of his printers because I don't need it...real integrity! He also had a look at my broken printer for me to see if he could fix it. A real gem of a man!

Dave has come to my aid more times than I can remember! Always with a smile, very supportive and helpful, and trustworthy. He's helped me:
- replace my hard disk, installed a new one and recovered the data for me from my online backup
- spoke to my mum (with much patience I imagine!) about her laptop options
- and given us advice when my father in law was scammed by a fake microsoft caller.
He really is a star and my go to for IT support and advice!

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