Recommendations that Paul Carter has given

I recommended Steve and Rosemary Bookkeeping to a trusted client, looking for a bookkeeper to work both in-house and remote. Steve is the perfect fit for this organisation, and I only hear positive things about him from my client.

Spencer has undertaken a number of electrical jobs in both the communal area and individual flats at my rental property. He always gives excellent advice, looks for the most efficient and cost-effective solution, and is very easy to work with.

A passing comment from Dave led to my brother being able to solve a problem with his mortgage application. Dave’s clear explanation of the process used by mortgage companies when validating claims for self-employed business owners meant I was able to pass on some invaluable advice. This is typical of Dave, as his obvious expertise in the mortgage industry, and his willingness to help others, speaks volumes for the type of service he offers.

There's only one person we turn to for any help with customers' credit card and payment gateways. Roger uses his extensive experience in the finance industry to provide a one-of-a-kind service, with no-nonsense, clear advice. He has access to a hand-selected suite of products, making him able to offer the right solution to fit the need. Not only does Roger help our clients, but his attention to detail and clear communication makes our job so much easier when integrating these payment gateways into our websites.

Calvin and Dave at CS Heating went out of their way to help when an elderly family member's boiler packed up, and she was left without heating. Dave visited her home the same day, quickly arranged a highly competitive quote and the work was completed with the level of service and attention to detail typical of CS Heating. Better still, this was the perfect opportunity to replace the restrictive and overpriced British Gas maintenance contract with CS Heating's own service plan, which is worth the peace of mind it offers.

by Judith Andrews

Judith helped us with GDPR readiness support in our two businesses. Throughout the project, Judith was highly professional and efficient, while navigating us through what felt like a complex and stressful hurdle to overcome.

By using a clever system of questionnaires, Judith was able to ascertain the business’s needs, its contact points with clients and identify any gaps in policies which needed addressing, before providing support in creating those policies. Judith’s fees for this work are very reasonable, refreshing at a time when the GDPR deadline was seen as an opportunity to quote exorbitant charges.

I also referred Judith to several of our most valued clients and the feedback from all was the same; they were delighted with Judith’s support and relieved to have someone so efficient to help them through their GDPR reviews.

by Mike Chance

A meeting with Mike is a breath of fresh air. While technically a printer by profession, this title does not come close to describing the insight and fresh ideas he offers. My challenge was finding a way to help a networking group better understand how to market for me. Mike came up with a brilliant strategy, addressing the reasons I often hear as to why a business does not need a new website. It was simple, but so effective, and now I have a set of business cards which act as an effective sales tool for my network marketing team.

Working with Mike was easy; we sketched an outline, refined it over a couple of weeks, he produced some artwork and from there some high quality cards. They weren’t even expensive but the value to my business and the attention those cards have already attracted, far outweighs the printing cost. Mike rarely talks about printing, he talks about marketing and is excellent at it.

If you only think of Mike the next time you’re running low on business cards or other printed material, you are doing yourself, and your business a huge disservice. I recommend arranging a meeting with Mike so you too can benefit from his insight and fresh ideas.

by Neil D'Silva

Neil is an absolute genius and a throughly nice person to deal with.

I approached him to help me address some dietary issues and to generally attain better health. HIs structured, empathetic and detailed programme is transformative and has had a significant positive impact on my daily life. With a huge amount of education into which foods are good for me and which ones will cause issues (and it's not at all obvious which category foods fall into), I am now much better able to make clearer choices about what I eat and when. I've not felt as healthy as I do now for many years. I have lots more energy, rarely get hunger pangs, have no need for medication and am generally much fitter and stronger.

Neil's programme is entirely natural, does not involve dieting nor the taking of supplements. It is designed to be not only life changing but also long lasting; a reprogramming.

I cannot recommend Neil highly enough to anyone wishing to improve their general health and wellbeing.

by Aston Hibbert

Jacklyn and the Barraclough team have quoted on my various insurances as they came up for renewal, and in all cases offered a far better deal than my existing suppliers. So now all my insurance policies are managed by them as I am confident in getting a focused, friendly, responsive and professional service from a family business. They are always a pleasure to do business with as not only have I saved a significant amount of money on my policies but I am confident they are always looking for the best product for my needs.

Don't be swayed by always going to the online providers. Give Jacklyn and her team the opportunity to provide a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised.

I have referred Roger to several of my clients and in all cases I've heard nothing but good things about how he has helped their business while making significant savings on their credit card machines.

I have known Roger for many years and he is an energetic, highly professional, committed and responsive person who I will happily refer to any business owner. It is a pleasure to actually have my clients get in touch to thank me for getting Roger involved in helping them.

Any business either already taking credit card payments or looking to do so, should give Roger the opportunity to review their contract and quote, as in the vast majority of cases, he can offer a far better deal than other suppliers, all with a hands-on, friendly service.

Derek unravelled a mess inherited from a previous accountant, ensuring the Companies House return was submitted on time and the annual accounts made available for the company's shareholders. Derek is thorough, meticulous, highly professional and a pleasure to deal with. Just knowing this was all in hand was a huge weight off the mind. Many thanks Derek, I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in need of a professional accountancy service.

by Aston Hibbert

Jack and her team at Barraclough and Partners have sorted out, or advised on, a number of different insurance policies for me, both personal and business. In all cases they have provided better solutions, at a lower price, than the national brokers and even the online websites. Dealing with them is a pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Barraclough and Partners to others.

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