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South Willesborough
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To help people with issues of either mental tensions/ body tensions/pains. People with recurring issues. Chronic aches/pains. Babies to the elderly

Business Description

I have been qualified as a registered osteopath since 1978 and am also a certified Master Practitioner of NLP  (neurolinguistic programming). Do click on the You tube icon (above left, under my logo), to watch my three videos - about how i work, my CV, and a TEDx talk I gave on how our thinking affects our posture.

I lecture internationally across the world on the aspect of osteopathy called 'cranial osteopathy'. This extremely relaxing approach is a very gentle aspect of osteopathic treatment which is very effective for all age groups from new born babies to the elderly. I also lecture on the osteopathic treatment of the circulation and circulatory conditions.  

Osteopathy releases mechanical strains and stresses from the body and can help a wide range of conditions in addition to back pain, neck pain, joint strains, back aches, postural problems, shoulder pain, frozen shoulders and arthritic conditions. By releasing tensions in the nervous system, headaches, stress and anxiety can also be helped. 

For further information on how osteopathy of Life Coaching may help you or your contacts,, call me for a no commitment discussion.


My Recommendations

I suffer from an extremely rare neurological condition that causes me immense pain. I’ve undergone neurosurgery to help manage my condition but no one has ever explained to me in detail why I suffer pain. Tim’s knowledge has helped me understand the complexities and extent of my condition. Even though it isn’t visible, I can now picture in fine detail the cause of my condition. Tim truly is a talented individual and we are so fortunate that he is based here in Ashford.

from Matthew Cowell-MIAB

Accreditations & Qualifications

Registered Osteopath 

Diploma in Osteopathy

Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

International postgraduate lecturer in osteopathy

Co author of "A Textbook of Paediatric Osteopathy" - a textbook on the treatment of babies and children

Lecturer in Paediatric Osteopathy

TEDx lecture May 2017 : Are you a Future Thinker? Here I discuss how our thinking affects our physical posture! Click this link to see the video on YouTube: